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The Mardjani Foundation organizes and promotes scientific research in various fields of humanities. Among topics of interest fo the Foundation are the history of Middle East and Central Eurasia, Ismamic culture and art, traditional and modern public life, social and political evolution of whole Muslim world.

The scientific program of the Foundation includes:

        -  commented translation and publication of fundamental treatises of Muslim religious and political thought, historical sources, records of the                        present and the past of the Arabic, Persian, Turkic and Caucasian languages;
        -  study and publications of the most important archive records and artefacts of the Muslim communities of Russia, the former Soviet Union, Middle            and Near East and Europe;
        -  study of cultural and social aspects of Eurasian Muslim communities.

The Foundation holds international and all-Russian conferences, seminars and round tables visited by invited experts. Scientific research results are published by the Mardjani Publishing House (, both independently and jointly with other academic and publishing centers. During its lifetime, the Foundation has published several dozens of books, journals and booklets, hundreds of articles in Russian and foreign periodicals.

Research projects are undertaken by the Foundation research team in cooperation with visiting specialists from other academic institutions and research centers. Today research activities of the Foundation are represented in the  following projects: «Heritage of the Classical Islam», «Islam and Islamic culture in Russia and Eurasia», «Actual problems of the Modern Islamic World».

The Foundation also initiated the international conference on  Islamic studies «The World of Islam: history, society & culture» with a wide variety of topics. The first conference took place in the Russian State University for the Humanities in December, 2007. The further conference is scheduled in the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) in October, 2010.





Проект «Ислам в российской перспективе»

Фонд Марджани стал партнером проекта "Ислам в российской перспективе". В рамках этого партнерства Фонд предоставил для онлайн публикации фотографии коллекции плакатов, которые были изданы в каталоге «Плакат Советского Востока.

Презентация книги «Ахметзян Мустафин: из истории ислама в СССР»

Центр исламоведения Фонда Марджани и

Культурный центр «Дар» (ДУМ РФ)

приглашают на презентацию монографии


«Ахметзян Мустафин: из истории ислама в СССР»


которая состоится 9 февраля 2018г. 

Лекция «Власть и авторитет в историко-социологической концепции Ибн Халдуна»

Центр исламоведения Фонда Марджани

и Культурно-просветительский и досуговый центр «Дар» г. Москвы


приглашают на третью лекцию цикла

«Власть, общество, религия в исламской политико-правовой мысли»

«Власть и авторитет в историко-социологической концепции Ибн Халдуна»

Лекция состоится 15 июня 2017 г. в 18.30

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