Kazan 2008

The international exhibition “The tales through the children’s eyes” sponsored by the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and the Mardjani Foundation was held from March,18 till May,10 in  the National Art Gallery “Chazine” in Kazan. This event coincided with the so called Year of the Family what the year 2008 was announced of.

More than five thousand children had given their works to participate in this exhibition. Some of works were created by the young artists who are the students of Schools of Art of Tatarstan.

At the exhibition opening the guests not only admired the talents of young artists but also enjoyed dances and songs of different nationalities that were performed by kids from the center “Museion” and the Art Schools’ students and took part in different quizzes on national history.

The organizers of the exhibition were going to embody in this event the best family traditions that the children brought up in different cultures could share among themselves.

“We get the access to various cultures and to the world diversity through the childrens’ creativity that is always very sincere. Children act like the diplomats or politicians, they represent their cultures on the international level and they really enjoy doing that,” said Zilya Valeeva, the minister of culture in Tatarstan.